Can i defer/cancel my entry until 2024?

You can defer your entry until 2024 if you are unable to run this year. Please note the deadline for this is the 31st January as per the T&Cs – We do not refund entries. We will be making up your race packs from the 1st February which is why we cannot cancel or defer a place after this date.

Where does the race start/finish ?

The race starts and finishes in Cantley Park, Twyford Road, Wokingham, RG40 5QG. Please note there are no parking facilities for runners or spectators at Cantley Park please see details of where to park here – PARKING

What time does the race start?

The race start at 10.00am but we would advise you to be at Cantley Park at least an hour before. Allow time to get to Cantley Park as walking time from the car parks is around 15 minutes.

What facilities are at Cantley Park?

The race village, bag drop, changing rooms, showers, catering and a help desk are located at Cantley Park.

Is the race route closed to traffic?

Yes there are road closures in place to facilitate the race. You can find details of the road closure schedule here

How far is a half marathon?

The half marathon is 13.1 miles or in metric 21.1km

How fast do i need to be to run the race? Can I walk part of the race?

Wokingham Half Marathon is a running race in which participants should make best efforts to complete the course within a 3 hour 15 minute cut-off time. We need to minimise disruptions to residents and think about the volunteers as well as the runners taking part so we encourage everyone to run as much as possible in order to avoid the cut-off time.

What will happen if i fall behind the cut off time?

There is a sweep vehicle following the race. It will pick anyone up that feels unable to complete the race or falls behind the cut off times.

Can I run with a baby Jogger?

Dogs, baby joggers, nordic poles and unauthorised bicycles are not permitted on the course. This race is permitted and insured by UK Athletics and run in accordance with their rules.

Can i wear fancy dress?

Yes, we like to encourage lots of fancy dress participants – they help make the race really fun for spectators, families and runners. Please let us know if your costume is bulky or is likely to impact on your ability to complete the course within 3 hours 15 minutes or impede other participants.

Can I wear headphones?

Bone conductor earphones are acceptable.

How can I contact Wokingham Half Marathon?

You can contact us using the email link at the bottom of this page.

How old must I be to enter the half marathon ?

Half marathon entrants must be 17 years or older on the day of the race.

How much does it cost to register?

The cost for runners that are not affiliated with a running club is £38.75. The cost for runners who are affiliated with a running club is £36.75

When do entries close?

Entries will close when the event is full, we can take 3200 runners. The race was full and closed early in 2023. There are no entries on the day. 

I have entered the race, how do I know my entry has been received?

If you entered online you will receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards. You can check and edit your entry here

What will I receive before the race?

All runners who have been accepted into the race will be sent a race pack by post. These packs will include your t-shirt if purchased. Expect to receive your race pack up to 5 days before the race.

I have entered but am unable to take part, can I get a refund or give my place to someone else?

We do not refund entries but you can transfer or defer your place. Transfers and deferrals need to be done before the 31st January, after this race packs will be made up and we cannot accept changes. E-mail deferrals to us. Transfer your entry to another runner by editing your entry here.

Please note: Never swap your race number with any other runner as this could cause problems for our medical team and results service. If we become aware of anyone who swaps their race number they will be disqualified.

Can I raise money for any charity I choose?

Yes you can run for your own charity, donate to our charities when you enter or choose not to run for a charity.

Do I have to raise money for a charity or good cause?

No, it is entirely up to you, we are a running race first with a charity element. Lots of people just want to run without raising funds and that’s absolutely fine.

Can I get a photograph of myself running the race?

Yes there will be photographers around the course although we cannot guarantee that you will be captured. Race photos will be available shortly after the event and a link will be e-mailed to you.

Can I help with the event if I’m not running?

Yes please, the race relies on volunteers acting as stewards and giving out drinks and medals every year. If you’re not running it’s a great way to ensure the event is a success and helps raise lots of money for charities to continue doing their vital work. If you’re a student it’s also great experience to put on your CV and a fun thing to do with friends. To find out more please email using the link in the footer.