In order to facilitate the safe running of Wokingham Half Marathon there are road closures in place on Sunday 26th February between 8.00am – 2.00pm

We will facilitate vehicle movement where possible prior to 9.45am in the town centre and 9.00am in other areas, following this all closures will be fully implemented.

Closures will be lifted in sections where the route can be isolated to protect roads still required by the runners. In practice this will mean the town centre, residential roads and diversion routes marked in orange re-opening by 10.45am and other roads re-opening by 1.15pm. The affected roads are shown below

A321 Twyford Road

Between Queens Road/Bell Foundry Lane R/B and Milton Road

Milton Road

Between Matthews Green Road and Glebelands Road

Glebelands Road

Between Milton Road and Rectory Road

Rectory Road

Entire Length

Broad Street

Between Shute End and Peach Street

Rose Street

Entire Length

Wiltshire Road

Entire Length

Bell Foundry Lane

Entire Length one lane – access maintained


Between Bell Foundry Lane and Warren House Lane inc. Dailey Road

Warren House Road

Between Neville Close and Forest Road

Forest Road R/B

Forest Road crossing

Maidenhead Road

Between Forest Road R/B and The Straight Mile

The Straight Mile

Between Maidenhead Road and the B3018

The Straight Mile B3018

As far as Darvills lane

Darvills Lane

Entire Length

Hungerford Lane

Between Darvills Lane and the B3018


Between Hungerford Lane and Hinton Road, Hurst

Hinton Road, Hurst

Entire Length

Wokingham Road A321

Between Hinton Road and Broadcommon Road

Broadcommon Road

Between Wokingham Road and Broadcommon Lane

Broadcommon Lane

Entire Length



Other Routes affected




Diversion of A321 at junction with NWDR

Traffic diverted at Queens Road for the duration of the event 9.00am – 1.15 pm

Diversion at Station Road / Shute End

Traffic Diverted via Station Road to avoid Broad Street/Rectory Road between 9.00am and 10.45am

Diversion at Peach Street / Market Place

Traffic Diverted via Market Place to avoid Broad Street 9.00am – 10.45am